New Directions

No – we didn’t decide to join a high school singing group.
I expected this past weekend to provide us with some good conversation fodder and get us thinking more concretely about our plans for the next couple of years, but I’m digging that it also propelled us in a slightly new direction for our travels.  We attended the Mother Earth News Fair – plenty to talk about there later – and camped at Laurel Hill State Park in southwestern Pennsylvania.  The camping is what really gave us some direction.  Let’s put it this way.  There is no way that we will survive without going crazy from sleep deprivation or being beaten senseless by neighboring campers if we decide to camp for three to six months with Van in a tent.  Car alarm – waaahhh!  Flashlight from neighboring camper – waaaahhh!  Scratch an itch – waaahhhh!  Coyotes – waaaahhh!  Subtle readjustment so my arm doesn’t fall asleep – waaahhh!  We love our tent, but I think we’ll save it for shorter jaunts until Van gets a bit older.
Time to start researching camper vans and RVs…