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Long before we began this journey, I was dreaming, planning, and reading about others who had left on a similar (or in many cases, much more gutsy) adventure.  Here are a few of my favorites.

www.goingslowly.com Going Slowly was started in February of 2008 to document Tara and Tyler’s two-year and twenty-five country bicycle tour around the world.  They are now documenting their experiences buying a small piece of land, building a timber-framed straw bale house, living off the grid, and growing their own food.  Of all the great blogs out there, this is absolutely one of the best!

www.cagefreeframily.com  This family donated just about everything they owned to charity before traveling around the country in a renovated 26-year-old RV with one kid, one baby and two Great Pyrenees dogs.  They landed in Taos, NM just in time to welcome their third child.  They now blog about setting up their homestead and living in the mountains of New Mexico.

www.familiesontheroad.com Families On The Road (FOTR) are families who are choosing not to wait until their kids are grown to hit the road in a Recreational Vehicle. They are living our dreams, exploring the highways and byways of America and beyond with they kids. Families on the Road is here to educate, inspire and support all families who choose this lifestyle.

www.mrmoneymustache.com While not exactly a traveling adventure, it is an adventure nonetheless.  Mr. Money Mustache and his wife retired at 30 to start a family and he started blogging about how he did it a couple of years ago.  This blog has been very influential in helping me to rethink my expenses, needs vs. wants, and a host of sacred cows that inhibit saving and living the life I really want.


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