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About Me

Earlier this year, I quit my job, packed almost everything I own into storage, and hit the road with my husband and two-year old son to explore this great country.  We began our travels in a van, which met an untimely death just over a month into our travels.  We are continuing our adventure in a car with a tent to call home each night.  This blog gives me the opportunity to share my family’s experiences as we travel around this beautiful country, sleep beneath the stars, trade our central air for warm breezes, lose the day of the week but gain the phase of the moon, and try our hand at the impossible task of bottling moonlight.  Join us as we explore, hike, play, and, ultimately, find a new place to call home.

For more on why we decided to skip town and what inspired my blog name, check out two of my earlier posts: Traveling around the country in a van?  But why? and Bottling Moonlight.


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