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Second birthday

On this occasion of my son’s (or sun’s – either works) second birthday, I wish to put to paper what I hope he learns from this upcoming adventure.  I know that he won’t remember much of our adventures, but I hope it provides a strong foundation for his adventures to follow.

Van, I hope you learn that any place you lay your head with love around you can be called a home, mattresses and indoor plumbing are great – but not required, there are few smells better than burning wood in a campfire, convenience is the enemy of freedom, you don’t melt in the rain, trees are meant for climbing and puddles are meant for stomping, following your gut will rarely fail you, vitamin D is best gained from the sun,  and, most of all, you can always reach up and grab our fingers – we’ll always be there when you need a hand or a shoulder or a hug or an ear.

Ready to go exploring

Ready to go exploring


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