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How to Dry Out in Style

After several kind invitations to please think about coming earlier than planned due to the non-stop rainstorms we’d been camping in, we finally decided to take my sister-in-law’s parents up on the offer.  We were planning to stay for three nights, but with the weather and the fun we were having (and their amazing hospitality), three quickly turned into six.  While we did get out twice for some sightseeing, once in Portland and once in the gorgeous areas east of Portland, we spent most of the time hanging out, playing, eating, and talking.  We left feeling amazingly thankful for their generosity and having had a really great time getting to know them better.  They are no longer just my sister-in-law’s parents, they’re family.  Thank you so much, Roger and Mary, for a wonderful, warm, and dry week with you.  We cannot express just how much that time lifted our spirits.

Mary, Van, and Roger - fast friends!

Mary, Van, and Roger – fast friends!

Hours of Entertainment

Hours of Entertainment

Especially When You Do This!

Especially When You Do This!

Helping Mary with her Grading

Helping Mary with her Grading

There was just one downside to our visit.  According to Roger and Mary, they have a beautiful view of Mount Hood from their living room window.  Problem was, we never saw it!  We think we believe them, but we can’t be entirely sure…  Guess we’ll just have to visit at some point in the future!  By the way, the last picture below is from their beautiful garden.  The broccoli was particularly photogenic, but Van can vouch for the fact that the corn was excellent.


One thought on “How to Dry Out in Style

  1. What a beautiful blog. We are very blessed to have Roger and Mary in our family, as well as Jenni and Lindsay. I was looking forward to seeing a picture of you with the bees but I guess they don’t like rain much either. Looks like Van made himself right at home. I am so happy we have such beautiful people in our lives. I love you.

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