Bottling Moonlight began as a way to document and share our travels. As our travels have evolved, I’ve been unsure of how I wanted Bottling Moonlight to progress. As a result, I have spent a lot of time on the back end of Bottling Moonlight (migrating it from to a self-hosted wordpress blog and making a number of changes to the administration of the blog) but little time writing for the blog. That is going to change. I am going to continue Bottling Moonlight, but instead of solely writing about travel, I am also going to write about my experiences as I try to stay off the treadmill and bring the beginner’s mind that I cultivated while traveling to life in a home. Okay, that’s a whole lot of clichés in one sentence! Seriously, though, I plan to write about making a home, making more of the things that I need or use, musings on life, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

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Our Home is in the Mail

Our Campsite in Porteau Cove Provincial Park, BC

Losi 3 Person Tent by Nemo Equipment

This has been our home for much of our wanderings across this great land.  We began to notice something funky with the tent in late fall.  It started to seem as if the tent material had shrunk.  All of a sudden, we were noticing that the poles fit tighter and that the floor wouldn’t lay flat all the way to the edges.  Shortly after we noticed that, the zippers on both the tent and the fly started to separate from time to time.  It would usually zip up just fine, but then it would start to come apart in the middle anywhere from five minutes to several hours after we had zipped everything up.  It only happened periodically at first, but then the frequency increased as time wore on.  Since it was too cold for bugs, we just dealt with it and promised to look into once we were no longer reliant on it for shelter.

And so, I packed up our collapsible home this week and made a trip to the post office with Van.  I’m happy that this is the first warranty claim of the trip (though we did return Alan’s Big Agnes ground pad earlier in the trip to replace it with a much improved Therm-a-rest), but disappointed it’s on the most expensive piece of camping equipment we own.  I’ll keep you posted as we find out what Nemo Equipment will do to replace or repair the tent.  In the mean time, I’ll be dreaming of our first camping trip of the new year once the snow melts and the tent is back in our possession.