Family Time in the San Juan Islands

Feeling a bit bedraggled, we were refreshed with the beautiful sunshine that greeted my parents as they arrived in Washington.  Unfortunately, their arrival was met with phone calls from home informing them that my grandmother passed away while they were en route to visit us.  This was not unexpected, she had been ill for some time, but it was incredibly sad for all of us and especially difficult for my parents to be so far from home.  On the other hand, I felt fortunate to be able to be with my parents during such a sad time.  Van worked hard to cheer them up and we tried to support them the best that we could.

I love you and miss you, Grandma.  I look forward to putting many of the interests that we shared into practice when I settle down into a home with land to dig my fingers into.  I feel so, so lucky to have had so much time with you over the years, and I am happy that you’re no longer suffering.  Rest in Peace, Bertha Marie Duffie.

Although my grandmother’s death was never far from any of our minds, we were able to have a wonderful and relaxing week with my parents in the San Juan Islands.  We did lots of cooking and eating, went on a few sunny hikes, spent some time staring at the water, warmed up in front of the fireplace, and spent many, many hours doing genealogical research.

Our week began with a ferry ride from Anacortes to Orcas Island.

Van Enjoying the Breeze

Van Enjoying the Breeze

The Puget Sound and Mount Baker

The Puget Sound and Mount Baker

Dad, Van and I explored Rosario Inlet.

We all checked out Orcas Island Pottery – Van especially enjoyed their multi-story treehouse.

Can’t forget the dance party.

It was an incredibly beautiful and relaxing place to spend time with family.

Upon our return to the mainland, we had some fantastic chowder and visited Deception Pass for a walk over the bridge to peer down at the green water far, far below.  It was here that we said our goodbyes and traveled south to Seattle (for us) and to the airport (for them).

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for an absolutely wonderful week!  We love you and miss you.