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After a wonderful week in northwest Arkansas with my parents, we made the long drive to Colorado yesterday.  We were on the road for just over twelve hours straight (Arkansas to Missouri to Kansas, Kansas, and more Kansas to Colorado), which is a record for our little guy.  He was fantastic, we really did win the kid lottery!  We are now safe and sound with Alan’s family and are in the process of cleaning, reorganizing, and regrouping.  We’ll likely be here off and on for the next several weeks (at least) to see family and friends, but we’ll also be hitting the road for several shorter camping trips to various corners of the state that we’d like to check out.  In the process, we’ll be figuring out how and where we’re going to travel going forward and put those preparations into action.  As some of you may know, we wound up having to skip over several states we wanted to visit due to our van troubles.  We’re not sure if we’ll be visiting the those places after we leave Colorado, or if we’re going to leave them for later in the trip.  I imagine that after a visit to the local library and several evenings spent poring over travel books and we’ll have a better sense of where we’re headed next.  In the mean time, we should be more accessible, and if you’re reading this from Colorado, we’d love to see you while we’re here!


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